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How do some photographers create incredible images and land great assignments time and time again, while others stay average? What are they doing differently?

Years of experience? That’s part of it.
Great connections? It helps.

But most importantly, they know things you don’t.

Because they had great mentorship and advice.

This is critical, because misinformation leads to a lot of wasted time and frustration.

As an artist, it’s likely you’re experiencing this all the time.

And as a result you might be struggling to find clients. Or you’re overworked, and hardly have enough time to hang out with your spouse and kids. Or you’re just frustrated with the quality of your images.

But you love photography, and you want to make your best work possible.

That’s why we’ve created these online photography courses.

To help photographers like you:

  • Make better images.
  • Earn a (better) living from the images they make.

Or put differently, our online photography courses have one goal: Make you better off than you were before you discovered us.

Ready to make your biggest growth spurt as a photographer?

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Test your knowledge and mark any lesson as complete when you finish it, so you can see your progress.

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