Do you want more photography clients?

Well, of course you do…who would ever say they have enough clients?

The REAL question is — how do you get more clients?

To succeed in photography, it makes sense that you’re photos should be good enough.

But the thing is, as soon as you reach a certain level, other things become just as important. Things like marketing and selling yourself.

So the good news is that there are more opportunities than ever to make it as a photographer.

The bad news is you now have to be good at other things like social media, websites, email marketing,….

Those who succeed are the ones that get that, learn how and grasp the opportunities.

That’s where Photography Domination comes in…

How Photography Domination Can Help

Do you know who this is?


That’s the “Masked Magician”.

For a span of two years (1997–1999) he was the star in four Fox Network specials and two Netflix series called Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed in which he exposed long-guarded magician trade secrets.

Basically, he showed people how successful magicians did their tricks.

And more importantly: He showed that it wasn’t anything special. Anybody could do it if they just knew how.

That’s what I’m doing with Photography Domination.

I won’t be wearing a mask, but I will show you exactly what successful photographers do differently to market and sell themselves, and how you can do it too.

So if you ever wondered why those other photographers with less talent and crappy images get all the assignments, know this:

It isn’t luck or better connections.

They just know things you don’t know (yet).

The Difference With Other Photography Websites

If you’re anything like me, you love reading about ways to get more photography clients.

(Who doesn’t?)

But don’t you hate it when you’re researching and you get nothing but generic list posts?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need “101 Ways to Get More X” or, “497 ideas to Reduce Y”; I need a few, proven approaches to help me. Without wasting time or resources.

Take email marketing.

There are hundreds of posts on the topic, but few of them focus on photography. And those that do, fail to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

Well, not anymore.

On Photography Domination I aim to produce “how-to” content that I am very proud of and think is better and more detailed than what else you’ll find on the web.

But not about taking better images. (There are plenty websites and courses about that)

I like focusing on what’s even more important if you want to succeed: finding new clients, email marketing, client relationships, pricing, creating your website, books for photographers, inspiration,…

That’s why my courses have been called “The best online photography courses not about photography“.

(Also called “the most hated courses by those who don’t want you to know” because they are profiting from their knowledge advantage, but that’s for another day.)

So if you want to succeed as a photographer, let’s get started!

About Me

So who am I and why should you listen to me?


I’m Maarten and I’ve been a photographer for around 7 years now. But I wasn’t always a photographer.

Right after graduating I immediately started my own startup that I sold a year later. Then, I did it again with another one.

During this time and even before that I learned everything about business and marketing from reading a lot of books and hands on experience. (I actually studied architecture).

My success landed me a job as the Marketing & Digital Strategy Manager for the largest bank in Belgium.

And although I earned a lot of money there, after a while I wanted my freedom back.

I decided I would turn my hobby and passion into a career and become a photographer.

However, although my images were definitely good enough, the first couple of years were a huge struggle. I barely had any clients or sold any prints. This despite doing what I saw every other photographer did.

So I started to do things differently and apply everything I learned from my previous jobs to my photography business.

Since then I’ve been doing great, and I’ve never looked back.

Along the way I’ve also been published often, for example in Digital Camera World magazine:


Now I want to help other photographers do the same: to grow their business — ideally without all the roadblocks and setbacks I experienced.

“If you’re doing so well with your photography, why are you doing this then?”

Great question.

Three reasons:

  • With Photography Domination I help photographers. Therefore, it makes sense that the person who helps people succeed in photography actually still photographs.
  • I’m a geek. I love creating websites, experimenting with email sequences and Facebook ads,…
  • I like being able to work on other people’s businesses. I learn a lot, and you end up making a lot of money in the process.

And oh, here are some random fun facts about me.