Best Photographers On Instagram

The best photographers on Instagram can sometimes be hard to find among all the pet and food snapshots. Nonetheless, there are a lot of exciting photographers posting creative work consistently.

And looking at images created by others is one of the best ways to stay inspired.

Below you’ll find one of the best lists anywhere, organized by genre they post about most, from famous photographers to hidden jewels (some don’t even have that many followers).

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide on how to become a photographer if you want to end up on one this lists yourself one day.

Note: You won’t see any “reposting” or “aggregate” accounts, only individual accounts from some of the best photographers on Instagram.

The Best Photographers On Instagram List


These photographers below aren’t just some of the best on Instagram, but they’re also famous for their other work.

Steve McCurry


Steve McCurry tulband portait
© Steve McCurry / stevemccurryofficial

Mario Testino


Mario Testino on instagram
© Mario Testino / mariotestino


A portrait is one of the purest genres in photography. And if you’re even a little interested in portraits, these photographers below are some of the best you’ll find on Instagram.

Ken Hermann


Winner of the PDN Photo Annual 2017, Ken Hermann is a master of subtle lighting. Or like his website says: His application of lighting, combining artificial with natural, takes the images into a surreal space, creating dreamlike visions of everyday people.

Flower Men by Ken Hermann
@ Ken Hermann / ken.hermann

Maarten Mellemans


Stormtrooper by Maarten Mellemans on Instagram
© Maarten Mellemans / foolswithdreams

Black & White

The classic Black & White style on a modern medium like Instagram is an interesting combination. Even photographers still working with analog film can be found, often with timeless images.



Adrian, or more common Aows as he is known online, is a Spanish-American photographer wandering the US and Europe with no permanent home. Lugging around a heave Bronica SQ-Ai 6×6 Medium Format Camera he still creates a lot of his images on analog film.

Instagram Photo by Aows
© Aows / aows


Richard Koci Hernandez


Richard Koci Hernandez On Instagram
© Richard Koci Hernandez / Koci


These all have one thing in common: the celebration of life. Whether it’s city life or a more adventurous version, here are some of the best lifestyle photographers on Instagram.

Benjamin Heath


Benjamin Heath on instagram for Jeep
© Benjamin Heath / benjaminheath


Our nature is disappearing fast, luckily we have some of the best nature photographers on Instagram sharing incredible images with us to document everything. Often going places where most people never come, enjoy these adventurers and their images.

Kevin Russ


Nature photography by kevin russ on instagram
© Kevin Russ / kevinruss

Andi Mayr


Instagram Photo by Andi Mayr of a tree on a mountain
© Andi Mayr / andi.mayr

Ben Simon Rehn


Gaze upon the incredible nature images on his Instagam profile, taken mostly in Island and featuring mountains, snow, and occassionaly some animals. Beautiful work!

© Ben Simon Rehn / bensimonrehn


These photographers don’t really fit into the categories above or are pretty eclectic in their postings. Nevertheless, they all post great images time and time again and are well worth a follow.

Theron Humphrey


Theron Humphrey must be one of the most well-known photographers on Instagram, and can’t be left off any list. Mostly creating images of him and his dog, often in human-like situations, his photos are not only beautiful but cute at the same time. A must follow.

One of the best photographers on instagram, thiswildidea
© Theron Humphrey / thiswildidea

Andrew Knapp


Andrew Knapp On Instagram Finding Momo
© Andrew Knapp / andrewknapp



Photography by Sjekko house
© Sejkko / sejkko

Ellie Pritts


One of the most colorful accounts on Instagram, Ellie Pritts creates dreamlike worlds to get lost in. Although she has about the least amount of followers on this list, she has already worked for all the big companies like Apple and Canon.

Ellie Pritts On Instagram
© Ellie Pritts / ellieprits

Laura Pritchett


Photography by Laura Pritchett on Instagram
© Laura Pritchett / bythebrush

Petros & Claudia Koublis


This couple of photographers are creating some of the best fine-art photography on Instagram. Airy images, mostly of nature and animals with a dreamy atmosphere.

Petros & Claudia Koublis On Instagram
© Petros & Claudia Koublis / pc.koublis