Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I find all of this online for free?


Probably even.

But I would rather be out there creating images than searching on the Internet all the time to find bits and pieces of advice you can use.

So consider these courses a shortcut.

A way to hit the ground running with immediately actionable lesson that have been tried and tested.

What happens after I buy?

Once you buy, you’ll have immediate access to the course via our courseware. I’ll also email you a confirmation email and you’ll be given access to our Facebook community (exclusive to students of these courses) Coming Soon.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this?

The course content is not dripped out. You’ll have access to it all. It’s self-paced. Meaning you can tear through it at a pace to match your schedule.

That said, the goal isn’t speed here.

I get asked a lot, “how long does it take to complete course X?”

That’s the wrong question to ask. Getting the gold star for completion isn’t the KPI that matters. We’re not back at school.

What matters is comprehension (learning the techniques until they’re clear to you) and execution (doing the work). And achieving this can vary wildly between students.

This isn’t a race.

It’s about doing the work and then getting a result.

Is there a guarantee?

There sure is.

If you don’t think the course is worth more than you paid, then I’ll gladly refund you in full within 30 days of your purchase.

FAIR WARNING (only effects a small minority): Please don’t purchase just because you are curious what’s behind the curtain, with the intention to refund anyway.

Not only is that not cool, but mostly, it has pissed me off for years. I enjoy my work being stolen as much as the next creator who has put a piece of themselves into their work.

Serial refunders will be “blacklisted” (blocked) from purchasing any of the courses ever again.

That said, if this course is genuinely not a fit for you, then, of course, I do not want your money. But I do require for you to make a real effort before pulling the pin.

I’ve taken a leaf from Seth Godin’s book. I like how he does refunds, so I’ve “stolen” this next part from him:

You’ll need to read and complete all the lessons first.

Only then if you don’t think the course is worth more than what you invested, drop me an email anytime within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund.

What is the format of the courses?

The format is long-form text. If you don’t enjoy reading, please don’t join. Don’t buy. This is not a video course.

In the majority cases I’ve experienced, I don’t believe video is respectful of your time and attention. Most people will take an hour to describe something which could have been said in 20 minutes or less.

Video is also not well suited for reference.

How many times have you been through a two-hour long video — or God forbid, an entire course — only to remember you heard something about what you need now, but now can’t find it. It’s somewhere in there, but lost. Damn frustrating. An all too common occurrence in my experience.

Truth is, most create video because it’s easier for them. Not because it’s a better learning medium for their students.

The written word done well is different. It’s beautiful and concise. There’s little waste. Either a word is needed to convey the thought or idea or insight, or it doesn’t get used.

When I join an early adopter course, how long will it take before it is completed?

Learn more about Early Adopter Pricing

It depends on when you join, how much feedback I receive from early adopters, how difficult the subject is,…

Most courses only take about 2 months to create from start to completion, as I generally already have a good idea what will be in the course before I publish it.

Expect weekly or even daily updates during those 2 months.

Aren’t these courses incredibly cheap?