Photography Kit Builder – Find The Best Camera, Lenses & Gear For You

The Photography Kit Builder helps you find the best camera, lenses and accessories for your specific use case and available budget, by recommending highly compatible and the best-performing camera gear. See the FAQ to learn more.

Photography Kit Builder

Photography Kit Builder
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How does the Photography Kit Builder know what gear is best?

First and foremost, the Photography Kit Builder relies on the wisdom of the crowd.

Every piece of gear available to the Photography Kit Builder Tool, has been used and tested by professional photographers in every industry. In a yearly survey they share what specific (combinations of) camera gear they think works best for a particular use case and budget.

The results are then combined and added in the tool.

That said every photographer has their specific preferences and needs, and as such every photography kit in the tool should be taken as a tried and tested solid basis to build your own kit. So don’t hesitate to add or swap a specific piece of gear.

Of course, it’s always possible to buy more gear. But the main goal of the Photography Kit Builder is to recommend kits that will let you handle 99% of the assignments and challenges for a specific budget and use case.

Missing specific Camera / Lens / Brand / Use Case?

We are extending the Photography Kit Builder constantly, so check back often.

Why is there a minimum and a maximum kit?

Kits are purposely capped in the Photography Kit Builder.

This is because it would not make sense in getting an even cheaper or even more expensive kit than the suggested one for the selected use-case.

More expensive than the suggested maximum won’t add a significant benefit (as the most expensive kits will cover 99% of the needs for a specific use case) and less expensive than the minimum suggested kit will most likely underwhelm you in your specific use-case experience.

How does the Photography Kit Builder calculate the gear for each kit?

Based on the surveys, each piece of gear gets assigned a minimum and maximum percentage of the total budget for that specific use case.

Then the best gear for that percentage of the budget gets chosen while taking into consideration compatibility.

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