Website Grader: How Good Is Your Photography Website?

So, you’ve got a photography website. But is it any good and how can you improve it?

This Website Grader is a free online tool that grades your site against key elements like user experience, persuasiveness, and speed.

It also includes valuable tips that will help improve your site and boost your business, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do!

The Calculator

1 Basics
2 Content
3 Business
4 Technical
Are you using a design (theme) that shows off your portfolio?
Imagine a first-time visitor landing on your homepage. Will they immediately understand what you do?
Is there an image of yourself on your website?
Are these pages present on you website?Select all the ones you have.
How many main navigation items does your menu have?
Is it easy for your potential clients to contact you?
Do you have testimonials from previous clients on your website?
Can visitors subscribe to your newsletter?
Are your pricing packages or options visible on your website?
Can visitors easily find your social profiles?
Have you ever checked how your website looks on mobile?
Are you compressing and optimizing your images?
Do you know how fast your website loads?
Is your website optimized for SEO?
Are you tracking your visitors with a tool like Google Analytics?

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